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Digidestined magical girl today. Featuring my Crest of Light that I got at Sakura Con, and my awesome Bat Wedge sneakers that I got on major sale at F21!


Sakura Con photos!!! 
Myself as Eren Jaeger and Curly Brace
tortillapunx as Quote and photographer for Eren photos
chubby-punx makes an excellent photographer ok. 

Cosplay photos of me and my girlfriend from Sakura Con! Up next is Japan Expo C: 


A week away and everything for Sakura Con is done!!! I’m SO EXCITED FRICK!
Friday, Day 1: Sam Manson (Danny Phantom)
Saturday, Day 2: Lolita Eren, Casual Eren (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Sunday, Day 3: Curly Brace (Cave Story)
See you there!!!

In less than 48 hours, I’ll be at Sakura Con all weekend long! For those of you going, please say hi if you see me! For those of you who can’t make it (:c) I’ll be posting loads of pictures! 


New constellation print series by Angelic Pretty - Cosmic

KERA June issue


So I really really really want to start my Lolita wardrobe going with some Bodyline basics, but I’m super hesitant.

I am really picky about what I buy, so I’m confident I’ve selected some nice items, and pretty workable with my wardrobe now.

I want upwards of $200 worth of items, can anyone tell me what to expect in customs charges? Also, is Bodyline really worth it, for what it is, as far as quality and durability?

Does anyone familiar with Bodyline have any helpful advice?

Where are you located? In the US, I’ve heard it’s uncommon to receive custom charges for anything under $300. If you’re not from the US, I unfortunately can’t help with any sort of custom predictions :c but I have heard that custom charges are more frequent and common Europe, and can sometimes be up to 1/3 of the value of the package. You also have the option of marking the value of the package down to avoid custom chargers, however, if your package gets lost in the mail, you can only claim the value you wrote the package up to be. If you’re paranoid about mail. I’d recommend not doing this. 
For a beginning lolita, Bodyline is worth it. You may tire of your skirts and JSKs when you start moving into brand/indie/taobao pieces, but the blouses/shoes/cutsews/boleros are all useable even after your beginning lolita stage. Quality is good for what you pay for, for the most part. The skirts are unlined, but the fabric is heavy enough to be durable. I own three skirts, a pair of boots, a pair of wristcuffs, two wigs, and one cutsew from Bodyline and while they aren’t of outstandingly exceptional quality, I feel I definitely got what I paid for, and maybe more. 
Hope this helped! If you have more specific questions about certain items I’m happy to help C: 


On Bodyline’s “Bodyline Designs" Facebook page, Mr. Yan posted these boot designs by a "Ms. Slimeven". They stated they were "a dream they had forgotten to make true". Apparently these were submitted to the design contest several years back. Regardless of the story behind these boots, I really hope Bodyline does get around to making them, as I’ll definitely be getting a pair in white (and possible black as well, if they’re not too expensive). These will fill the Innocent World Violin Loafer hole in my chest very nicely. 


Alice and the Pirates 2014 - Alice’s Wonder Marine Treasure Series


*This series’ name hasn’t been officially translated yet, so it might be subject to change. :)

Every brand and their  mothers is putting out their sailor themed pieces for the spring/summer. AP hit hard with the unexpected Fairy Marine, and Meta consistently puts out strong Sailor series every year. AATP…sorry, but your pieces are a little weak in comparison. Still haven’t seen a print come from AATP that I’ve loved this year. Another pass for me, though the hat is very cute. 


Brand: Glad News
I always loved the overall x off shoulder top look. I think the b&w and the boots adds an interesting personality to the look. Tough and Cute.

So Fan+Friend updated their website and released the best steampunk series I’ve seen, Machine Birdcage! And the minute I saw the bolero from the series I was like “I NEED TO MAKE A NEW SNK THEMED COORD AROUND THIS!” 
Both of these outfits are build entirely from F+F pieces, and I think both would cost easily under $120. (the one on the right would definitely be under $100) 
Unfortunately, the capelet on the right does not come in green, I just photoshopped the black one to become scouting legion green. 
So for those of you who are interested in building an SNK themed coord, but can’t afford those leather harness pieces AATP put out this winter, check out F+F!
Bolero, Cage Skirt, and Capelet can all be found on Fan+Friend!
Like I said the capelet DOES NOT come in Scouting Legion green, the image is photoshopped by me, however, I’m sure you could request to get it made in a custom color.